Domestic Insurance

Domestic Plan

Product Features

  • Customized comprehensive protection for domestic travel
  • Payment of bills
  • Covers Travel Inconvenience
  • Covers amateur sporting activities


We hope You have the trip of a lifetime but should something go wrong Cover-More Assistance is here to help.

Imagine being overseas and being denied medical treatment because You can’t pay the bills, or receiving inadequate treatment. These kind of incidents happen all too often to travellers which is why emergency assistance is so important.

All policy holders have access to Our emergency assistance team who are contactable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our team can provide the following services to all policy holders: 

  • Assistance in accessing medical treatment and care whilst away

Our team can assist You to find medical facilities and then monitor Your medical care.

  • Payment of bills

Falling ill overseas can be very expensive so those larger bills can be paid by Us directly to the hospital.

  • Bringing You Home

Our team can decide if and when it is appropriate to bring You Home and will coordinate the entire exercise.

  • Assistance when passports, travel documents or credit cards are lost

If You need assistance in contacting the issuer of the document, Our emergency assistance department can help.

  • Help to change travel plans as a result of an emergency

If Your travel consultant is not available to assist with rescheduling in an emergency situation, Our team can help.

  • All services are subject to a claim being accepted under Your policy.

When You call, please have the following information:

  • Please call Cover-More China DIRECT: +86 21 2059 1221.
  • Please advise your policy number, the service in need, a phone number We can call You back on.

Please refer to attachment for full details